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Argus Management Systems Announces Findings From Online Delivery Market Research

Following the pandemic, the home delivery service industry ballooned to previously unheard-of heights and is projected to reach nearly 200 billion dollars by 2024. As a provider of B2B marketing and management services to many of these companies, Argus Management Systems has taken it upon itself to report on the current state of the industry in a recently published report.

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3 years of “on the ground” market research illuminated several problems with the home delivery service industry, which Argus Management Systems explores in a newly released report. The report details the many aspects in which smaller establishments may suffer when running their delivery operations through large, non-local corporations, and also reveals a number of ways that these larger companies may be hurting the earning potential of their drivers as well.

According to the report, Argus Management Systems found that when running their delivery operations through the most well-known aggregated services, restaurants were likely to lose up to 30% of their revenue per order in order to fund the delivery of that order. Likewise, drivers earned less on average when not paid directly by the restaurant, or through some complex algorithm designed by the big platforms.

In response to the findings of this research, Argus is designing a powerful alternative that local establishments and drivers can use to avoid these fees.

In order to help both drivers and businesses, Argus assists drivers in establishing their own independently managed fleet of drivers who are trained and paid additionally, to introduce local merchants to the Argus platform by simply using automated QR code marketing. The company believes that this approach can help those local businesses pass on their savings to their employees and to the members of the community whom they serve.

In addition, the company is providing assistance to local businesses trying to boost their digital marketing exposure. This service is being built to combat numerous trends in the industry right now which make the online ordering landscape hostile to small, family-owned businesses. For example, Argus found that these establishments may appear lower on the results in most commonly used delivery apps due to algorithmic factors alongside so-called “ghost kitchens,” which are designed to exploit these systems.

Argus is determined to help small local restaurants break through that barrier to achieve greater success in the online home delivery marketplace, which they see as the new frontier of food service. As such, the company has created its “preferred merchants program,” which helps clients adopt best practices and new methodologies to stay ahead of the competition. Among these are a number of programs unique to Argus which can help merchants repurpose the revenue they save by not paying delivery fees into customer-forward retention programs, further accelerating growth.

Overall, Argus Management Systems has come out of its 3-year research project with a clear action plan and is prepared to help small businesses optimize their resources where possible in order to give back to their patrons and communities.

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