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Luna Proxy Emerges As One Of The Most Reliable & User-friendly Providers of Ethical Proxy IP Services

United States, 18th Oct 2023 – Luna Proxy has emerged as the definitive choice for top-tier proxy IP services in today’s digital age. Designed to support web crawlers, Luna Proxy’s robust infrastructure boasts advanced features, unbeatable prices, and unparalleled customer support. Users can now enjoy an incredible discount of 3% by using the coupon code “4Nxg7Es5Eb1z” on the website.

With pricing starting from just $0.7/GB, Luna Proxy offers an unmatched cost-to-quality ratio, catering to startups and conglomerates alike. Options range from dynamic residential proxies to static data center proxies, all competitively priced. For instance, the Unlimited Residential Proxy plan offers limitless traffic, IP numbers, and connections starting from $76/day.

Interruptions are a thing of the past with Luna Proxy, offering seamless, high-speed browsing and data collection with a remarkable 99.99% accuracy rate. Whether one prefers a static residential IP for long-term use or a dynamic proxy that adapts to diverse project sizes, Luna Proxy has it covered.

Luna Proxy’s user-friendly interface streamlines the process of choosing, customizing, and deploying proxy solutions, catering to various online operations from SEO market surveys to ad verification.

Ethical IP sourcing is a top priority for Luna Proxy, ensuring users receive a reliable and responsible service. Furthermore, Luna Proxy provides 24/7 live support to clients, regardless of their time zone, to address any issues or inquiries promptly.

With over 200 million top-notch residential proxies available from 195 countries, Luna Proxy ensures users receive high-quality service, irrespective of their geographic requirements. Their expansive range of IPs spans multiple countries, including over 3.5 million IPs in the USA, over 1 million in Brazil and South Africa, and extensive coverage in countries like Canada, the UK, Malaysia, Japan, and Australia.

In the words of one of the company’s key spokespersons, “Luna Proxy’s commitment to ethical IP sourcing guarantees a responsible approach to acquiring addresses, and the platform supports a variety of protocols, including HTTP(S) and SOCKS5.”

Users can simply use the coupon code “4Nxg7Es5Eb1z” and experience the power of Luna Proxy firsthand. Luna Proxy remains committed to providing top-notch and affordable proxy solutions for data scrapers, crawlers, and businesses of all sizes.

Luna Proxy has emerged as the most trusted proxy IP service provider, revolutionizing the world of web scraping & data mining with its groundbreaking proxy infrastructure. Users can now enjoy great summer discounts using the coupon code “4Nxg7Es5Eb1z.” With its wide array of advantages and stand-out features, Luna Proxy has poised itself to be the top choice for individuals looking for affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use proxies without compromising on quality.

Recognizing the needs of today’s digital era, Luna Proxy has equipped its platform with advanced features that surpass those available with any other providers in the market, meeting the expectations of its expanding clientele base. With over 200 million residential proxies from around 195 countries, users can enjoy the benefits of private IP addresses, keeping their online activities completely private and safe without the risk of being banned.

The precise geo-IP targeting provided by Luna Proxy offers users the ability to connect at both country and city levels, and combined with their automatic ISP rotation feature, Luna Proxy ensures unlimited stability and an uninterrupted experience for its users.

One of the key selling points of Luna Proxy is their Data Centre Proxy’s remarkable success rate of 99.99%; this level of reliability provides the required consistency for businesses relying on data collection to function. In combination with its country and city-level targeting, Luna Proxy provides the required precision for efficient, hassle-free data collection and supports an extensive list of applications.

The driving force behind Luna Proxy’s success is its unwavering commitment to providing a seamless experience for its customers. The support team and dedicated account managers are available 24/7, eagerly waiting to assist clients in achieving business excellence. Moreover, the platform features a user-friendly interface, enabling businesses of all sizes to utilize its advanced features easily.

One of Luna Proxy’s satisfied customers, Paul Dowski, shared, “Luna Proxy is the best proxy supplier out there, providing the cheapest and safest residential proxies. They pay close attention to their customer needs, wanting to make their experience seamless. They are truly lovely people to work with.”

Luna Proxy also offers an alliance plan for its users to generate extra income. By registering as Luna Proxy affiliates, users can earn up to 10% lifetime and referral commission with completely zero income limits. Their generated income can be withdrawn on a monthly basis, allowing users to enjoy benefits continuously.

To experience the Luna Proxy advantage, use coupon code “4Nxg7Es5Eb1z” today and witness the power of Luna Proxy firsthand. Luna Proxy is committed to providing top-notch proxy solutions for data scrapers, crawlers, and businesses of all sizes.

About Luna Proxy

Luna Proxy is a leading proxy IP service provider, offering affordable and reliable proxy solutions for businesses of all sizes. With a focus on stability, precision, and advanced features, Luna Proxy empowers businesses to excel in web scraping and data collection, ensuring uninterrupted success.

Learn more at and do not forget to use the coupon code 4Nxg7Es5Eb1z to enjoy an exclusive 3% discount.

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