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Learn to Win Over Inner Conflict with Life Coach and Author Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

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Beloved Author, Speaker And Life Coach Guides Us Into 2024

New York City, New York Jan 18, 2024 ( – The battle inside is often what restricts humans from pushing their boundaries and that is how conflicts take over. Life Coach and Author Eric North, better known as ‘The Happiness Warrior’ is here to help everyone overcome inner turmoil and proceed in the journey, called life. The self-defeating habits and false assumptions can take up much of our lives. Humans have a range of emotions that define them blinded by unnecessary and unhealthy self-created emotions, an individual can find himself stuck in a dilemma. The sinking feelings that are enhanced by fears and insecurities can make one’s mindset unstable. It is a culture of restriction based on shame and self-condemnation beyond which lies the path of true happiness.

Eric explains how negative feelings and unhealthy emotions can become the root cause of innermost conflict. Living a life for the approval and sanction of others can lead to unnecessary suffering that no one deserves. It causes great harm to one’s happiness and personal development and the constant battle inside keeps ongoing. Being ‘The Happiness Warrior’, Eric knows how to win this battle and now he is sharing his practices with the world to help everyone lead a happy and healthy life where even if life seems unfair, one can find the courage to go beyond it. One must understand the importance of self-respect and forgiveness that offers room for change, a change in mindset that helps to proceed.

Happiness is a basic human right and no one can take that away. With a better understanding of self and life, one can acquire the power to self-actualize, nourish the inner spirit, and activate inner potential through conscious thoughts and actions. Happiness comes from within and one must understand to assess and nurture inner to be truly happy in life. The true authentic self shares a vibration, an energy that helps to reach a better understanding of self-values and mindset. It creates a seemingly magnetic force that helps to align with others with a similar scope and perspective. It is the human connection to the endless sweep of the energy of the universe. With meaningful action, words can never disappear. The selfless acts of kindness and love for others and one’s self are what help the relevance of existence.

Eric talks about the sense of peace that comes from learning to bend and rise again. One must learn how to be vulnerable and to live with own truth and intention. The realization that shows that the power of now is the greatest gift comes from the understanding that time will have no meaning and the joy of the present will be all that matters. Considering the past as a teacher, one must learn from the previous mistakes and opt for a better wider path with better choice which helps to get over inner turmoil and extinguish it. Every small act of kindness and empathy can grow beyond imagination and that is how humans can create reality with their emotions and true intention.

The Happiness Warrior says that one must know and address own emotions and listen to the voice inside that guides. It can be considered as the soul or authentic self which reveals the true desires. The inner light is always present there even at the lowest points of life; all it needs is to find it on the dark days. It is the purest source of life that teaches us to forgive and love. The lessons for resilience and survival are often taught by the life itself but one must learn to listen to achieve greater wisdom. One of the most life-changing connections resides inside only and understanding that synergistic relationship between the body and the mind can help to achieve greatness and well-being. One must learn to treat the body with love and compassion as the body is the foundation of the soul. If it does not feel right, it can interrupt the flow of energy that connects with the universe. Showing daily appreciation for the beautiful and complex machine called the body can help to stay alive and highly functioning. The body, mind, and spirit are connected and humans need to find that connection to find true happiness.

People who are more empathetic, forgiving, and understanding are more likely to achieve happiness in their lives. Happy people tend to live longer, are healthier, have better nutrition, and more lasting friendships, and live in a spirit of gratitude and perspective. They are always there to help without shame or judgment. Being “The Happiness Warrior”, Eric possesses all these virtues himself and now, he is sharing his knowledge and vision with the world through books and effective life coaching sessions. Visit the official website at to know more.

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