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Renowned Author, Speaker, and Life Coach Eric North Advises on Personal Involvement

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New York City, New York Feb 28, 2024 ( – Eric North is a widely known speaker, best-selling author, and life coach who has found his passion in guiding his followers to their conclusive happiness. Due to his valuable words and motivation, leading people toward their happiness, he is also known as ‘The Happiness Warrior’. Several steps need to be followed thoroughly to find solace and peace in life, and according to Eric one of them is the practice of not taking everything so personally. He says that most people take things too much to heart, leaving them feeling insulted at every turn, and feeling too anxious about new people or situations. People are also too quick to react and forget that everyone faces similar self-imposed negative emotions and struggles.

Eric says that people are not alone as they think and there is always someone else out there in a similar situation. According to the author, as humans, people are at their best when they are united and believe in the common good, this is the time when people forget that clarity and self-awareness are their greatest assets. People too easily succumb to the words and imagined thoughts of others, as they allow the values of those whom they don’t respect to control their thoughts and actions. Eric says that people have been conditioned by societal boundaries and religious hypocrites who use shame and derision to increase their power.

North further says that throughout his life and from his earliest memories he has always had a fascination with authentic people. Especially for those people who were unafraid to take a different path and find happiness and fulfillment without the need for permission or approval of others. The less homogeneous they are, the better and more eccentric in their courage to be themselves. These people are creators, warriors, artists, and leaders who live in their truth and conviction know that others will tell them no, and are confident in their alignment with their values and life mission. These are the people who are noticed and admired without intention and are the leaders that people so badly need at this time.

North claims that life can be magical when people can learn to see themselves with clarity and love who they are and what they stand for. He says that people can be better than they have ever imagined when they can look within and understand their true powers and intentions. According to the life coach, taking things too personally is a bad habit that will never serve us with any purpose. So it is better to let life happen and disengage with expectations. One of the effective ways to reduce anxiety and begin to experience more happiness and serenity in life is to understand the underlying nature of why people take things too personally and begin to identify root causes. He further explains that people are constantly conditioned by authority figures, parents, mentors, and teachers who tell them what they should expect from life. These triggers can sometimes be from people’s childhood but are often caused by disappointment that they have felt from others in their adult life.

Another way of reaching solace and not taking anything personally starts with validating emotions and letting them go by saying them aloud and making them smaller. This is a self-created power that grows with experience and teaches people that all problems have solutions. Validating emotions helps people to be less emotional and composed in future situations as nothing is worse than voluntarily cycling the same negative feelings and disappointing results. Another piece of advice is to make the connection between chronic worry and how it causes people to take things more personally. ‘The Happiness Warrior’ says that chronic worry is a bad habit that’s fueled by low self-esteem and a lack of empathy and understanding for others. He also says that how people kick the habit of feeling shame and judgment is through a broadened perspective gained by increasing empathy and the ability to see others as individuals.

North advises that it is always best to react to anything that comes to people with a bit of reason and thought. He says those who can act with measure will never allow the imagined desires of others to alter their vision, they can also postpone something that might feel personal at the time and reconsider it later. The speaker also urges his followers to beware of sarcastic individuals and realize that their commentary usually comes from their deep-rooted feelings of insecurity. These people seek to make others unhappy and join in their misery. So people should know when to say no and when to be assertive. He further states that it is noble to be able to stand up for themselves and feel strength in declaring people’s independence. The last advice is to try to stop taking things personally as there will always be hypocrites who’ll make people question their reality. These people are insidious and are immune to accountability, they stray from their truth and are never able to be fully happy.

North declares that there is no magic bullet to creating more happiness in people’s lives, it is a process that people can experience fully when they allow themselves to find their happiness in who they are and be able to express thoughts and feelings with love and compassion. Get more advice at:

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