Solar Panels At 50% Less With A 25-Year Guarantee Monalee Leverages Technology In An Industry That Has Been Relatively Slow To Adopt It

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By Meg Flippin, Benzinga

The cost of a residential solar panel system doesnt have to be murky. Monalee is bringing much-needed transparency to the industry. See how here.
The cost of a residential solar panel system doesnt have to be murky. Monalee is bringing much-needed transparency to the industry. See how here.

Solar panel prices have fallen 85% over the past decade, but just 3% of homeowners in the U.S. have these energy-saving panels installed on their rooftops. Thats even though it can save them as much as $1,500 a year on energy costs.

A big reason is unclear pricing from an industry that largely relies on old-fashioned sales tactics to find customers. Solar panels may be high-tech, but selling them is far from it. Pushy door-to-door salesmen often knock on homeowners doors, giving quotes and estimates on the fly that are often too good to be true. As a result, homeowners can be left thinking they will pay one amount only to find out later its much higher.

Murky Pricing No More?

The true cost for a residential photovoltaic system varies based on the size of the roof, amount of sunlight, pitch and roofing material. Many industry players hide behind that when they raise the price after the initial estimate. And lets not forget the energy savings these salesmen promise some exaggerate it simply to close the deal. That hurts the industrys efforts to drive adoption and the U.S. goal for solar to account for 40% of the countrys electricity by 2035.

If you are looking for an accurate price on a solar panel system, look no further. Monalee can tell you how much it will cost you in minutes, including all the rebates and incentives.

Finding an accurate estimate for your solar panels may seem hard, but that need not be the case with Monalee, a U.S.-based climate tech startup. It is taking an innovative approach thats focused on transparent and accurate pricing. A bonus: you dont have to worry about pushy salesmen banging on your door. The sales process happens online and in minutes thanks to Monalees advanced machine learning.

The companys proprietary technology culls information from millions of different data points to provide homeowners with the best solar design based on their home and energy needs. It takes into consideration factors like the direction the roof faces (for example, a roof in the northern hemisphere that faces south will get the most sun and therefore will be the most efficient) and whether there are nearby trees that might provide shade over the panels when providing the assessment and pricing.

Monalee Brings Transparency To The Market

Monalee says that anyone can go to its website, enter their home address and receive an accurate solar quote in less than a minute. Through its state-of-the-art design platform, you know exactly how many panels youll need, the best layout to maximize sun exposure and the bottom line cost including discounts and rebates before you sign up. All eligible federal and state incentives are factored in, and all of the fees and savings are laid out in an easy-to-read statement.

Whether you finance the panels or pay for them outright, you know exactly what you are on tap for prior to signing a contract. All of that comes at what Monalee says is a steep discount to its rivals since the company doesnt deploy salespeople into neighborhoods or rely on designers to map out the layout of the solar panel design, it says it can secure the same solar panel systems at half the price compared to the top traditional solar companies in the U.S., saving customers up to 50% off the total. To make it even more palpable, Monalee throws in the Monalee Guarantee, which ensures the system works as it should for at least 25 years. Hows that for transparency and peace of mind?

The residential solar panel market may need to rethink its approach if it wants solar to become the de facto energy source of the future. Without licensing and training requirements to sell solar in most states, companies tend to rely on a network of freelance salespeople who are often more focused on commissions than providing an accurate and fair price. Monalee is changing that with its transparent and affordable pricing. You know exactly what the system will cost you whether you finance or pay for the panels outright, how much of a discount youll get from state and federal incentives and how much energy you can save. To find out what a solar panel system will cost you click here.

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Monalee is a climate tech company that is accelerating the adoption of home solar, storage, and EV charging. By leveraging powerful machine learning and removing salespeople and system designers from the process, we are able to secure the same solar panel systems for homeowners at half the price compared to the top traditional solar companies in the U.S., making us the fastest, most efficient way to go solar.

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